5 reasons why you should go to Edinburgh on your next holiday

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, has been lately explored a lot by the tourists around the world and even from within the United Kingdom. Being the largest city in Scotland after Glasgow, Edinburg is located in the middle of Scotland and has plenty to offer to the tourists. Here are some of the top reasons why you should go there for your next holiday.
Perfect for your family – City of Edinburgh has too much to offer for your family for the holidays. Right from the museum of childhood that hosts countless number of toys from a long period to pleasant green parks and outdoor activities areas, the city is nothing short of family fun. Your kids would love the haunting Edinburgh dungeon tours and the distinctive “Our Dynamic Earth centre that teaches scientific facts about the Earth.
Cool countryside – When you drive along the outskirts of the actual city, you will find yourself in a serene and pure atmospheric countryside. These locations are perfect for outdoor activities and fun with your family and friends. Additionally this place also portrays some excellent landscape which is inviting for the photography enthusiasts.
Royal lineage – The Queen’s Scottish residence is located in Edinburgh and there are several other places here that relates to the Royal family. Even the majestic Royal Yacht Britannia is berthed along the coast of Edinburgh alongside the racing Bloodhound. The city also displays other sites that belong to the Royal pedigree including the beautiful castle on top of the hill that can be seen from anywhere in the city.
History and literature – Do you know that the city of Edinburgh was named the “city of Literature” in 2004? It also holds a number of museums, old buildings and monuments that depict the commitment in preserving the history of Edinburgh and the intelligence of Scottish poets Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Burns and others.
Proud to Welcome – The locals in Edinburgh are warm in welcoming visitors and are known very well for the same unlike some other areas in the nation. This welcoming nature of the people of this splendid city has drawn more tourists every year.
If you are thinking hotels in Edinburgh are expensive as other parts of Europe, then you are wrong. It is definitely worth the money spending your holidays in this beautiful city!

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