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my chickens not right help

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Hi my hen is not right she very lagthic and sits down a lot really not interested in her food but my other two are really well, i checked her all over but there is no signs of injury and her bottom and vent are clean with no injury,she only 20 weeks old and hasn't produce an egg yet but the other two have so please help what is wrong
asked in Poultry Health by jules1962 (130 points)

1 Answer

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What breed is she. There are two possibilities that come to mind, the first being Egg Bound and the second Red Mite.

If she is a hybrid then she is about the right age but if she is a pure breed then she is a bit young to be egg bound. I am not too experienced on this but believe that inserting some olive oil into the vent area and then putting her somewhere dark with a warm hot water bottle under her may help.

If it is red mite, they have a habit of pcking on one bird at a time. The bird will start to look anemic  with a pale comb. Check inside your henhouse (paying thorough attention to you perch holders and nest box). If you see any little black, red or opaque coloured dots maximum size of a pin head then these are red mite. You may also see blood spots on the perch.

If this is the case then there are a number of effective treatments available (have a look in our store

answered by countryfayre (600 points)

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