The National Parks Of England And Wales

Millions of people come from around the world every year to indulge in the beauty of England and Wales’ twelve National Parks. Located just across the border of Scotland and South Devon, this vacation destination provides no shortage of landscape and natural beauty to enjoy.

Of the twelve National Parks, the Peak District is the largest and second most visited park in the world with about 22 million travelers exploring its terrain every year. Lake District follows as the second established park with its renowned peaks and placid lakes. This park is home to Beatrix Potter, making it a favorite destination of Japanese travelers in particular.

Snowdonia is the third most popular of the twelve National Parks. It features the tallest mountain in England and Wales. Dartmoor is next, high above the moors, crested in breathtaking stone Tors and abundant in rich history and legendary tales of giants and beasts.

In contrast to the other parks of England and Wales that flaunt miles of countryside, Pembrokeshire features primarily coastline for a beautiful combination of classic English landscaping with magnificent ocean views. North York Moors National Park is most beautiful in the summer when the park’s biggest stretch of heather moor in all of the UK is in full bloom. Exmoor also boasts gorgeous natural features, including heather, woods, and even beaches.

Northumberland is located farthest north of all the twelve parks just along Scotland’s border. Here you will see Hadrian’s Wall and other ancient ruins built approximately 2,000 years ago by the Romans. The Beacons Park rests up along the border of England where tourists can hike or walk the miles of terrain among the Black Mountains.

Although the Norfolk Broads have not been officially named one of the twelve parks they have the same level of protection. This is a popular place for boating on holiday due to the serene waterways tourists enjoy cruising at leisure. New Forest, the most recent addition to the Twelve Parks, remains pristine even throughout its centuries long use as a royal forest. Your family will capture a glimpse of undisturbed wildlife and foliage in stunning raw splendor.

For a trip that will provide no shortage of magnificent scenery and natural sights to discover, consider the Twelve National Parks of England and Wales. Book a stay in any of the fine New Forest Hotels and prepare for an experience rich in history and family togetherness.

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